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Sponsored and Affiliated Programs

The WSU MEAT Team, in cooperation with Oregon State University and the University of Idaho, offers three different courses for beef, lamb, and pork (100, 200 and 300) and poultry (100).
The Cultivating Success Program offers a series of courses in Washington and Idaho to help beginning and existing farmers develop planning and decision-making skills, production skills, and support networks for operating a sustainable small farm o
"Viva Farms helps new farmers get started. Our farm incubator provides: Land, equipment and infrastructure, Education, training and technical assistance (bilingual- Eng/Esp), marketing and distribution support, and start-up loans.
"Farm Walks bring together growers, agricultural specialists, and other interested parties to learn about novel techniques and processes on innovative sustainable and organic working farms across Washington State.
"While many immigrants are highly skilled in agriculture and are passionate about farming, they often have limited access to basic resources such as land, water, and farm financing.
"A regional partnership to build community and capacity among a new generation of direct market farmers and local food systems."

Sponsored and Affiliated Resources

A summary of trends in Washington State agriculture focused on small farms data and statistics including those of new, women, and immigrant farmers.
"Soil analysis can guide farmers and gardeners in making soil amendment and soil management decisions. Making soil sampling an annual event will allow for tracking management practices and influencing future soil amendment decisions.